[TEAM] ISO target size

Micah Gersten micahg at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 11 14:35:04 UTC 2015

On February 11, 2015 7:52:56 AM CST, Pasi Lallinaho <pasi at shimmerproject.org> wrote:
>in the last community meeting we had some discussion about the target
>size for our ISO. Since many of the team weren't attending, we wanted
>bring the discussion in the mailing list.
>PLEASE NOTE that this is not a idea/proposal thread for ideas on
>the ISO with $software. People who send software suggestions to this
>thread have the risk of being added to the manual moderation list.
>After we couldn't fit into a CD any more, our target has been 1GB. The
>argument for that target size was that it was the next usual hardware
>limit (eg. there aren't many 900MB USB sticks).
>This discussion is current since we are talking about potentially
>including LibreOffice; if that happens, we will definitely go over 1GB
>and there isn't anything we can drop to get back below.
>My suggestion on the meeting was that if we go over 1GB, our new target
>should be "below or as close to 1GB as possible, but 2GB at maximum".
>What do you others think?
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I would suggest a one click install or something similar for LibreOffice amd stick with 1GB. Alternatively, if there are enough testers, produce a version of Xubuntu with LibreOffice (maybe called XubuntuOffice :)). 
With the prevalence of Google Docs and Office 365, is there a need for most people to have LibreOffice installed locally? 

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