Greybird from the Shimmer-theme issue

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Sat Apr 25 15:06:18 UTC 2015


I meet with a little glitch while building a custom Openbox Ubuntu version, which is a
detail but still would love to see fixed. I was using the Greybird GTK theme at same time
as LXAppearance.

I could not get LXApearance to add the images in the buttons, then my logout modale had
no icons. I tried Orion and Bluebird GTK themes from the same package and they are free
from this issue. 

Here is a screenshot showing where the issue lies:

when the field is ticked it doesn't write the setting, and then when LXAppearance
is restarted it does not keep the tick in the field.

Can it be fixed?

Best regards,
Joyce Markoll (aka Mélodie)



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