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Addam Murad addamur at
Sat Apr 25 16:38:08 UTC 2015

It took me so long to reach this:

I hate torrent alot..

Why not (For Example) put this:
to download 14.04 instead of torrent or long way though many websites?

Make it easier! Because making it that complicated will push people away, I
was going to give up on you at some point.

And it would be better if (For Example) you just put:
to directly download 15.04 64 bit and ofcourse to do the same to 14.04

NOT everyone will know what to choose or what to download so help people
and make it simple like Ubuntu website.

I was else wondering why I can't reach direct links to older versions on
your website? Many people use too old PCs and Laptops with 256 RAM and less!

Thanks for your work anyway, you make it possible to people who can't
afford new PC or Laptop to enjoy smooth clean OS!
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