Vivid Final Update

Elfy ub.untu at
Wed Apr 22 19:35:50 UTC 2015

There have been a few rebuilds lately, I thought that I should just poke 
people re what we are seeing and what's not going to change.

In the hope that we get a few more last minute tests from users - I can 
do all the smoketests in the world, but that's one person and one 
machine. It's come close to us not releasing in the last milestones. I'd 
not like us to be in a place where we don't release 15.04.

So ...

Hardware - I have tested on this machine, SSD's, i5 and 8Gb RAM and on a 
laptop with 4Gb RAM and an old processor - those tests have resulted in 

Virtual machines - here, the Canonical devs tend towards using qemu.

I have found that on qemu (with virt-manager) I most times get a 
sensible boot, install and clean reboot. Once in 10 I got a hang.

Virtualbox - this just hates us. Seemingly. You can boot, you can 
install - it 'appears' to crash at the end - a power-offof vbox and 
reboot should allow a clean boot into a working system.

If you have image errors - we'd like to know, but they'll not get looked 
into until after 15.04 release.

Hope that makes sense - it's been a long day.

Xubuntu QA Lead

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