phasing out of Synaptic?

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Tue Nov 4 11:28:25 UTC 2014

On 11/ 4/14 12:10 PM, Sean Davis wrote:
> (several games, legal codecs, etc).
Just to mention,Codecs (like those in VLC etc) are actually legal,
except in US, that enforce some insane patent laws that allow that 
certain way of describing mathematical algorithms is under 'software 
patents' that is not existing anywhere in the world but in U.S. ...
Thing that codecs are moved in separate repositories is because it 
allows people from US to install them, because they are hosted outside 
U.S and U.S. satellites/U.S.occupied territories.

So there are no software patents in free world and for the most of the 
world, codecs are legal.

> Europe: Computer-implemented inventions that /only/ solve a business 
> problem using a computer, rather than a technical problem, are 
> considered unpatentable as lacking an inventive step
> In April 2013, the German Parliament 
> <> adopted a joint 
> motion "against the growing trend of patent offices to grant patents 
> on software programs."
> In India <>, a clause to include 
> software patents was quashed by the Indian Parliament 
> <> in April 2005.

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