phasing out of Synaptic?

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Tue Nov 4 11:00:21 UTC 2014

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On 04/11/14 10:52, Liviu Andronic wrote:
> Dear all, I've noticed that Ubuntu was no longer installing
> Synaptic by default, and instead was shipping the shiny Software
> Center. Is this true of Xubuntu, too? Does it also phase out
> Synaptic in latest releases?
> I'm asking since each and every time I tried to use the Software 
> Center, I found it positively unusable and reverted to install 
> Synaptic and move on from there. (Last time I was even under the 
> impression that you couldn't install anything in Software Center 
> without a Launchpad account, which is unacceptable in an
> open-source distro.) I think defaulting to the Software Center in
> Xubuntu would be a terrible design decision...
> Regards, Liviu

I hope not as I am like you find software centre is too big, I just
want to install software,  so when not using apt would choose
synaptic.  It looks nice, but power users don't need shiny they need
something to just work.

However software centre with all its shininess does fit in with
Ubuntu,  but as long as synaptic is installable I can't see a problem.

if this IS the case you can always switch to ToriOS (
which uses synaptic.

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