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On 23/05/14 14:09, Jack Fromm wrote:
> On 05/23/2014 03:06 AM, Elfy wrote:
>> On 21/05/14 20:32, Jack Fromm wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> Ideas on changes to testcases ? You've been reading and using them 
>>>> for almost 2 cycles now.
>>> I think for the most part they've been tweaked pretty well and cover 
>>> most of what needs to be tested without going overboard.  The only 
>>> suggestion I would have for improvement would be a minor one about 
>>> the formatting.  There doesn't appear to be a standardized 
>>> convention for differentiating between menu choices, buttons and 
>>> check boxes and keyboard input required from the tester, etc.  Maybe 
>>> the xml format is too limited for making things better, but it can 
>>> be hard to follow some of the testcases at a glance.
>> I don't know enough about that to make a sensible comment. Other than 
>> - can you be more specific about a particular testcase - I might be 
>> able to look at that then
> This might not be a representative example, but it's fresh in my 
> memory.  In the Thunar testcase, we're asked to create a folder called 
> "Test" and a file called "test" but those names are in the same 
> typeface as the rest of the instructions (where the word "test" 
> appears numerous times).  I happened to miss the different 
> capitalization, didn't get the expected result and was about to file a 
> bug against the testcase before I eventually realized my mistake.

Then that IS a bug with the testcase :)

It's also something that can be dealt with fairly simply - which is even 
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