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Tue May 13 10:41:46 UTC 2014

Congratulations Simon! :-)

I approached the xubuntu distro in its 13.10 version and it was already
nice (I used it in an old laptop for my father). With the 14.04 release I
think the project is continuing to improve in the right direction: more
usability for generic users along with the lightness of the XFCE

People used to the Linux world, usually, are guys that aren't afraid of the
command line approach and "the hard way" to install/configure something
(and, maybe, it's the preferred way for many developers and computer
geeks). Of course, this is good for such people, but it will keep distant
all the others. However, Desktop Environments in Linux world are moving
towards an easy approach to attract casual users too. Sometimes they
exaggerate and make something a little too much out of the ordinary (who
said gnome3 ?) and the result is that they scare the new user instead of
attracting him.

I like XFCE because it starts from the good old approach of the classic
desktop metaphor with a classic taskbar to appeal the generic user, but it
adds the ability to customize it to appeal to the more sophisticated one.
Currently it's already a good D.E... It still has some small lacks here and
there (I could make a little list) but I'm sure it will improve quickly in
the future, being that there is a nice community around it (and I know that
many xfce developers are in the xubuntu community too), so I like that it's
the reference D.E. for xubuntu and I hope it will continue to be so. I
already know for certain that there will be many nice improvements and
fixes in the next xfce stable release.

>From my part, I'll be glad to give my little contribute to the xubuntu
community (bug reports, bug fixes, opinions, helping other people, etc.)
whenever I can.

Congratulations again!

2014-05-13 8:35 GMT+02:00 Simon Steinbeiß <simon at>:

> Dear Xubuntu Team and community,
> thanks a lot for your support (and congratulations)!
> I'd like to start by thanking my predecessor Pasi Lallinaho for his power
> of endurance, his creativity and his leadership. Maybe the best LTS release
> I've ever been a part of – 14.04 – is a worthy finale for his term of
> office.
> I'd particularly like to thank the whole Xubuntu team and our contributors
> (some of which will hopefully become team members in the future) – for
> their past contributions and I hope we will continue to work together as
> well as we have done in the 14.04 cycle.
> A tip of the hat goes to my "contender" Sean Davis. I've worked with him
> on so many projects already – and it was always a pleasure! Working with
> him also motivated me to get cooperations going with others. Hence losing
> to him wouldn't have hurt a bit :)
> So enough with the bowing and thanking and without much further ado: let's
> get to work!
> Cheers,
> Simon
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