video white screen

Paul Sutton zleap at
Sun May 4 16:58:39 UTC 2014

On 04/05/14 15:52, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> In other issues,  I am getting a system hang (zero response,) and then a
> white screen, I have reset the video drivers back to the nouveau
> drivers,  see if that helps,  however I have also installed ssh server
> so that I can login over the network,  if it crashes again, is there
> something I can type at the command line that may help the developers
> diagnose the issue.
> I can install pastebinit if it helps or simply try and direct output to
> a file,  and combine that with the output of lshw or use lshw-gtk. 
> Paul

Ok further to this, (sorry) it does seem that the nvidia drivers were
perhaps causing this issue, specifically i was using NVIDIA Binary
driver - version 331.38 from nvidia-311 (proprietary, tested)

video chipset : GeForce 8200



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