Alt text for menu Items?

George DiceGeorge dicegeorge at
Thu May 1 10:30:14 UTC 2014

Alt hovers on menus would make xubuntu more user friendly,
and help when showing potential deserters from winxp,
so please include this and other little friendly features in Xubuntu.
And improve the help mouseovers, wiki etc.
Let’s make it like what WinXP should have been like!


From: Jeff Hanson 
Sent: Wednesday, 30 April, 2014 23:20
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Subject: Re: Alt text for menu Items?

Hey Simon, That is helpful, I didn't realize there were additional menu options when right clicking on the menu. 

We were actually looking to get the descriptions when hovering the mouse over the application. The option you suggested lists them under the name and makes the menus much longer. Not saying we're necessarily against this option, but thought the hover over as we've had in the past might be best?

Also just saw the "show generic application names" option which we're thinking about as well, because the KDE names for a lot of the educational programs can be confusing to first time computer users.

So I guess my question is still, Is there a way to get the hover over descriptions?

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:05 PM, Simon Steinbeiß <simon at> wrote:

  Hey Jeff,

  Great to hear! :)
  You can simply go to the setting of whiskermenu (that's the name of the new applications menu we're shipping) and tick the option "Show application descriptions".
  It won't show tooltips, but it should do what you want (if I understood you correctly).


  On Tue, 29 Apr 2014 16:44:15 -0500
  Jeff Hanson <jeff at> wrote:

  > Project:CC <> is creating their new Image with Xubuntu

  > 14.04 and so far we love it! But we van give a great review later. :)
  > We noticed the items in the amazing new menu don't have any hover over "alt
  > text" giving the description of the program. This is pretty important to us
  > because we end up installing all 4 Edubuntu packs and some other things. So
  > there are a lot of great programs, but we are putting the software in labs
  > where people haven't used ubuntu, and the alt text can save some time!
  > Any ideas on how to turn this on?
  > Again the new Xubuntu menu is exactly what we needed and even the menu
  > editor is better. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!
  > Also am I sending this to the right list again?
  > Thanks,
  > Jeff Hanson
  > Director of Operations
  > Project: Community Computers
  > 6087519139

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