Strange behavior of desktop icon text

Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Wed Mar 26 10:02:57 UTC 2014

On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 20:48:08 -0500
Scott Moore <scottbomb at> wrote:

> I'm testing the latest daily .iso and have noticed some strange 
> behavior. On all my other PCs, Xubuntu 13.10 runs with the Greybird 
> style, which does not have that bubble border around the icon names. In 
> 14.04, the bubble border is there. I haven't had to use the 
> /home/user/.gtkrc-2.0 hack in 13.10. Now, if I go to Settings -> 
> Appearance and change they style to anything else then back to Greybird, 
> the icons now have their names without the bubble (transparent text 
> background). However, it doesn't persist across sessions.
> I'm thinking I should file a bug but against what package?

There is already a bugreport for this:

Thanks for noticing/testing though!

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