Trusty user-testing status on 5 machines

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at
Mon Mar 24 16:43:31 UTC 2014

For my fairly heavy software development/testing, LibreOffice
word-processing / spreadsheets / presentation, and music applications, I
cannot break Xubuntu 14.04 on my testing machine.  On my production
machine (just updated to 14.04) and for the other 3 desktop users that I
guided through the piece-of-cake 14.04 installation, the 100% consensus
is that Trusty is ready for launch _now_.

IMO, this is the best *buntu infrastructure and XFCE ever.  I do realize
that there has been a marked quality evolution (up!) since at least
12.04.  Other BSD and GNU/Linux distros are reporting similar

The various Linux kernel teams are to be complimented for finding the
optimal balance between innovation and caution, given the wide spectrum
of hardware that they have to deal with.



P.S. Yes, I did write off the Intel D2550MUD2 motherboard as a lesson
learned (research Linux and BSD feedback before buying!).
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