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Sun Jul 6 20:22:53 UTC 2014

Next in the list comes Suite C

Package testing, you'll need a current 14.10 image - which you can get 
here [1] - obviously while you're installing that you could also do an 
image test for us ;) [2]

Once you've installed your image - update and upgrade it (or re-install 
and report those results) as you can, then re-test the packages in 
testsuite C. IT doesn't matter if you test more than once - report more 
than once.

The package testcase suites can be found as always on the tracker [3]

You should find that the testcases are right for the version we 
currently have - _if they need tweaking_, this is NOT cause to report a 
bug on the package tracker - _report a bug against the testcase itself_,

Finally, if you are in a position, like me, to run the dev version more 
or less constantly - when you are using an application - take a look at 
the Package Tracker - read the testcase - if you have covered, or more 
than covered the test, please do report that.

As always - *unreported tests don't count.*



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