Drop Xfburn in 14.04?

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Thu Jan 9 15:15:09 UTC 2014

On 09/01/14 14:56, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> Do others have testing results on whether Xfburn works with various 
> types of discs or not?
> Pasi
> On 09/01/14 15:26, Dave S wrote:
>> I actually have no issues at all with burning DVD-R or DVD+R or even 
>> +RW/-RW with Xfburn, I actually install it into other distro's and 
>> desktop environments, (MATE being the main DE) due to the GTK2 
>> compatibility that it provides over other burners suc
>>     Hello,
>>     Xfburn currently only burns CD-R's right. Burning DVD-R's /
>>     DVD+R's usually fails. This has been so for a long time.
>>     CD-R's seem to disappear from the stores and DVD-R's / DVD+R's
>>     are often the only discs you can buy in a store. So this bug in
>>     Xfburn becomes more of a problem. Even the iso of Xubuntu no
>>     longer fits on a CD....
>>     So: perhaps it's a good idea to drop Xfburn in Xubuntu 14.04?
>>     Regards, Pjotr.
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When I still used discs of one sort or another - I had no issues with it 
using cd's or dvd's - in fact at the time I was still using Ubuntu and 
installed xfburn as it was more stable than brasero


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