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Wed Jan 8 18:22:30 UTC 2014

OK, I understand. Thanks for explaining....

Regards, Pjotr.

2014/1/8 Stephen Michael Kellat <skellat at fastmail.net>

> While there are other replies to this, I'm going to address this from a
> different angle perhaps.
> Typically the time for feature requests to be made is before the
> development cycle begins.  We can still receive such now but it will have
> to be bound over until the next development cycle generally.  There is a
> deadline during the development cycle for establishing what will happen
> during a release that is common to all flavors.
> As to shipping the packages and making an installation option, that's
> actually a very messy thing to do.  Patches would likely need to be made to
> the installer for Xubuntu only to handle such.  Consultation with upstream
> would be required to see if the patches would be accepted but this does not
> seem to generally bring value to all flavors who happen to use the same
> installer as us.
> The package "ubuntu-defaults-builder" can be used for making your own
> bespoke version of Xubuntu.  The documentation for doing so is somewhat
> lacking and requires some hacking.  Other tools exist for making your own
> re-spins.
> Right now the priority is to prepare to deliver the 14.04 Long Term
> Support release.  This would be a big thing to switch gears on mid-way to
> try to accommodate now.  A specification could be drafted for 14.10 and
> refined until we start looking at ideas in late April/early May for that
> cycle.
> I'm sorry we couldn't have a more accommodating answer at this time.  The
> tempo of the release cycle remains fixed.  We march ever onward to the
> drum's beat.
> Stephen Michael Kellat
> Member, Xubuntu Team/Xubuntu Documentation
> (Stealing a moment over lunch in the basement cafeteria at work)
> On Jan 7, 2014, at 7:43 PM, Joel Ewing <physicsshark3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I am wondering if including an option to install LibreOffice during the
> Xubuntu installation (in place of or alongside Abiword and Gnumeric) could
> be considered for an upcoming release of Xubuntu.
> > Recently, I was part of a group to decide what Linux distribution should
> be chosen to run on a fleet of old laptops that were owned by a school.  I
> suggested Xubuntu, but my suggestion was ignored partly because Xubuntu
> does not come with LibreOffice.  Although Abiword and Gnumeric are great at
> what they do, many users seem to gravitate towards LibreOffice because it
> is more fully-featured.  I would appreciate if the developers could look
> into this matter.
> > Thank you.
> >
> > Joel Ewing
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