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On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 3:52 PM, George DiceGeorge
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> [
> While Xubuntu uses Xfce,
> it is not specifically targeted to Xfce enthusiasts or projects
> and software being hosted by the Xfce project or associating (officially or
> unofficially) with Xfce are not guaranteed for inclusion in Xubuntu. ] WHICH

It is not nonsense.

The sentence essentially means that we don't mean to be a pure Xfce
version. We change the layout from the default, ship with different
icons and while we try to stick with Xfce projects (thunar for file
manger, xfce4-terminal for terminal emulator, xfwm for window manger),
we reserve the right to change any of these things away from the
Xfce-developed version if we find something that meets our needs

Hope this helps.

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