How / When to make suggestions to contribute to Xubuntu 14.04

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Wed Feb 12 20:42:33 UTC 2014

On 2014-02-12 18:57, Michael Lueck wrote:
> Greetings All,
> I got to thinking about the smaller scale of Ubuntu's contributing 
> power to Xfce than I previously had envisioned... is perhaps the 
> better place to work with and to make suggestions directly to Xfce and 
> not to Xubuntu?

That depends. If it's about features or bugs in Xfce, it's always best 
to start with upstream. If it's about integrating Xfce components or 
Ubuntu-specific bugs/fixes, Xubuntu is the right place.

> Such as to get the GUI Samba share browsing UI working as it used to 
> with Gnome 2 in Ubuntu 10.04.

I don't understand how something that worked in GNOME 2 has much to do 
with either Xubuntu or Xfce... Was it an Xfce component? Did it work in 
Thunar as well?

For a solution to your actual issue, have you tried Gigolo?

> One thing that definitely is in-scope for suggesting to Xubuntu... the 
> LiveCD GUI installer... could you please add ntfs as a valid partition 
> type when installing to a blank hard drive, and not only selectively 
> have it show up as a possibility when the installer detects an 
> existing copy of Windows on the drive?

This isn't actually in-scope for Xubuntu, since we are using Ubiquity 
(the installer) as it comes from Ubuntu.

I would imagine the reason why NTFS isn't enabled by default is that the 
support for it is (as far as I know) still not perfect on Linux, and 
thus isn't suggested. On the other hand, it definitely makes sense and 
might even be required to enable it as an option when an NTFS partition 
is recognised to be able to work with the partition(s) in question.

> I am using Linux to deploy Windows in a dual-boot configuration. Thus 
> it would be helpful to be able to set up the NTFS partition's mount 
> points during installation. Where would I officially make such a 
> request? Thank you.

You would need to file a wishlist bug against Ubiquity in Launchpad. 
Knowing how things usually roll, I doubt this will be done if it isn't 
done so far. Furthermore it might be a bit late to land such change for 

Just for completeness, Xubuntu would not carry such a patch even if one 
was available. In this case I (and I think most of the team) believes 
that the developers working on Ubiquity can make the right choice.


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