How / When to make suggestions to contribute to Xubuntu 14.04

Michael Lueck mlueck at
Wed Feb 12 20:55:22 UTC 2014

Greetings Pasi,

Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> That depends. If it's about features or bugs in Xfce, it's always best to start with upstream. If it's about integrating Xfce components or Ubuntu-specific bugs/fixes, Xubuntu is the right place.

Being able to browse Samba shares is definitely not Ubuntu-specific, so I will escalate that inquiry.

>> Such as to get the GUI Samba share browsing UI working as it used to with Gnome 2 in Ubuntu 10.04.
> I don't understand how something that worked in GNOME 2 has much to do with either Xubuntu or Xfce... Was it an Xfce component? Did it work in Thunar as well?

I am seeking equivalent functionality in Xfce to what Gnome 2 offered, and have been told there is none. Thus I needed to know who to prod. Seems direct to Xfce in this case, not Xubuntu.

> For a solution to your actual issue, have you tried Gigolo?

I looked that up. According to:
it only supports this list of protocols:

     Secure WebDAV

No SMB on the list.

> You would need to file a wishlist bug against Ubiquity in Launchpad.

Thank you for that suggestion, will do.


Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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