Mouse drift in Alpha 2

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Sun Feb 2 22:06:10 UTC 2014

On 02/02/14 23:57, Rich Dennis wrote:
> A couple questions :
> 1). Robin Arnaud suggested to another potential tester that he email
> directly to the mailing list, if he has problems with SSO : is this
> acceptable?

If they have problems with SSO, they should resolve them on the list, or
in IRC on #xubuntu-devel. We will do our best to resolve any outstanding

(Robin sent a message with an attachment too big on the list, I asked
him to resend with an imagebin URL.)

> 2). If reporting bugs this way is acceptable, are we supposed to only
> report bugs that occur within the default Xubuntu 14 application set?
> Depending on the answer to this question, I may or may not have
> several to report.

Whether you reported tests via the ISO tracker or just did some
exploratory testing without any specific instructions, it's always
encouraged you report all bugs you found. (Especially since we start to
be closer to the beta releases now.)

> Thanks.
> R Dennis


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