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Mon Feb 3 07:45:58 UTC 2014

On 02/02/14 22:06, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> On 02/02/14 23:57, Rich Dennis wrote:
>> A couple questions :
>> 1). Robin Arnaud suggested to another potential tester that he email 
>> directly to the mailing list, if he has problems with SSO : is this 
>> acceptable?
> If they have problems with SSO, they should resolve them on the list, 
> or in IRC on #xubuntu-devel. We will do our best to resolve any 
> outstanding issues.

In addition to that you can contact the SSO admins -

> (Robin sent a message with an attachment too big on the list, I asked 
> him to resend with an imagebin URL.)
>> 2). If reporting bugs this way is acceptable, are we supposed to only 
>> report bugs that occur within the default Xubuntu 14 application set? 
>> Depending on the answer to this question, I may or may not have 
>> several to report.
> Whether you reported tests via the ISO tracker or just did some 
> exploratory testing without any specific instructions, it's always 
> encouraged you report all bugs you found. (Especially since we start 
> to be closer to the beta releases now.)
The trouble with not reporting to the tracker is that no-one knows.

Sending a message to the mailing list will just get lost amongst other 

>> Thanks.
>> R Dennis
> Pasi
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