Amendment of the Strategy Document

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Thu Dec 11 13:35:20 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-11 15:02, Simon Steinbeiß wrote:
> Hello community members,
> I'm proposing to remove the outdated paragraph "Xubuntu Developers" from our Strategy Document [0].
> The information provided by the SD no longer applies, for instance: members of the team xubuntu-dev no longer have upload rights (those are now xubuntu-uploaders). This makes the development sub-team like any other sub-team, being a member basically gives you push rights to certain branches associated with the respective sub-team. My point is that since it's like other sub-teams now, we don't need a specific paragraph on it. Instead, everything that needs to be said is already in "Becoming and staying a member".
> Please feel free to comment if you think this change should not be pursued.
> If there are no objections within a week, I'll remove the paragraph.
> Cheers
> Simon
> [0]

Very much agree with this as I said before in IRC.

As a further clarification, I'd like to point out that having push 
rights to certain branches wouldn't be exclusive to ~xubuntu-dev; 
~xubuntu-art has that already, and that team is not mentioned in the 
Strategy Document either.

That being said, it might be somewhat handy to have all the teams and 
the associated branches listed somewhere, in the same spirit as the 
PPA's and their use cases are listed in the Processes page, but that's a 
discussion of its own, or, a thing to just go ahead and do.


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