Amendment of the Strategy Document

Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Thu Dec 11 13:02:13 UTC 2014

Hello community members,

I'm proposing to remove the outdated paragraph "Xubuntu Developers" from our Strategy Document [0].

The information provided by the SD no longer applies, for instance: members of the team xubuntu-dev no longer have upload rights (those are now xubuntu-uploaders). This makes the development sub-team like any other sub-team, being a member basically gives you push rights to certain branches associated with the respective sub-team. My point is that since it's like other sub-teams now, we don't need a specific paragraph on it. Instead, everything that needs to be said is already in "Becoming and staying a member".

Please feel free to comment if you think this change should not be pursued.
If there are no objections within a week, I'll remove the paragraph.



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