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The only concern in Xubuntu, is to have a feature in Control Center to 
configure the "Touchscreen Settings".

In Android, we don't have a mouse settings option to make usable a 
"Google Earth for Android" with a mouse.. Their Office Apps don't have 
enough functionalities for a desktop environment either and neither 
Libreoffice will be fited for a tablet environment...

Please don't ask to make the same errors as MS Windows 8... Touchscreen 
is another flavour of Ubuntu. XFCE doesn't have to be transformed in its 
roots for it.


Le 20/08/2014 22:03, George DiceGeorge a écrit :
> But as phones get more powerful wont it become more common to connect 
> them to big screen and keyboard somehow (maybe via usb to a pc) and 
> then control the phone software with mouse keyboard and big display? 
> And conversely I want to control my desktop computer to play movies on 
> a big screen via my phone when I’m in bed. This could be an argument 
> for convergence.
> [george]
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> Even if we remove the concern about where Unity will go, convergence 
> of Phone/Tablet and Desktop code means that all changes that are made 
> for the phone/tablet must take the Desktop into account and 
> vice-verse. Phones and tablets are essentially used in the same way 
> and making design and technical decisions for those type of 
> environments to match is fine.
> However, desktop environments are used in a very different way. The 
> decisions that are made for a desktop environment should not be 
> limited by how it will affect a phone/tablet. My opinion is that these 
> two different things should remain separate.
> On 8/20/14, 9:01 AM, Alistair Buxton wrote:
>> On 19 August 2014 22:19, Michael Hallmailto:mhall119 at  wrote:
>>> The appearance of Unity on the desktop should remain functionally the
>>> same (it'll get a visual update though). It will still function as a
>>> desktop, the way Unity 7 does today.
>> I think the concern here is that the converged applications will be as
>> bad as Unity, and not that Unity itself will get any worse.
>> This does not affect Xubuntu however as we only use a couple of Ubuntu
>> applications which could easily be replaced if they go south.
>> A much bigger question is whether Xorg will continue to receive the
>> same level of maintenance as it does now, since there is very little
>> chance Xfce will be ported to Wayland at any time in the next two
>> years. (Since it would require a total rewrite and either the removal
>> of several features or a massive effort to reimplement the missing
>> required APIs in a cross-desktop way.)
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