Global Jam: Call For Xubuntu Tasks

Alistair Buxton a.j.buxton at
Tue Aug 19 08:12:49 UTC 2014

> On 19/08/14 05:27, Stephen Michael Kellat wrote:
>> [snip]
>> Do we need specific packages tested?  Any last documentation to write?
>> Seeking new places for pkexec profiles?  Stress-testing the Core?  Patching
>> of things needed?
>> [snip]
>> Stephen Michael Kellat

1. Review all packages for fork() after gtkinit() bugs. Submit a bug
report for any that are found, preferably with a patch. Will need to
make a list of the ones that are already fixed to avoid duplicates.

2. Review pending patches for Xfce 4.12. Even if you can only check
that the coding style matches the project they are for. This is an
upstream task but it would help Xubuntu since we submitted many of
them :)

Alistair Buxton
a.j.buxton at

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