Setting up a xubuntu-team mailing list

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Thu Apr 24 22:26:59 UTC 2014

Hello there,

during the meeting today [1] there was some discussion to set up a new,
low-traffic, high-importance list for the Xubuntu team. Only team
members could post to the list, but everybody could subscribe to read
the list.

Topics and tasks for the list would include:
 * Voting on project-related questions (currently done during the meetings)
 * Announcing meeting minutes and monthly team reports
 * Calls for testing, or request for other input
 * Other important project announcements

Some of the pros of setting up this new list include:
 * The team is currently heavily organized in IRC, moving more of the
important communication to a low-traffic mailing list could make
contributing less exclusive
 * A low traffic list would be easier to read for the team members as
well as other people digging up decicions and important milestones later

There are some potential caveats to the new list:
 * Subject/topic partly overlaps with the current developer list
 * Not allowing people who aren't team members could make the list seem
exclusive (though commenting on issues would still be possible on the
development list)

Alternative options include:
 * Start using a speficic "tag" for the aforementioned communication
(and possibly automoderate non-team members' posts with that tag)
 * Increase the strictness of the moderation in the developer list to
make it lower traffic and more relevant (con: probably affects list
atmosphere and makes the thresold to post too(?) high)

I hope we can get all the issues raised before the next meeting, and
that everybody would have some kind of opinion before the next meeting
in two weeks. Start discussing!



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