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Elfy ub.untu at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 7 08:56:51 UTC 2014

Just a quick note to repeat the need to get some upgrade testing under 
our belts - thanks to those who've responded so far.

_Copy of last weeks mail_

    Between now and the Release Candidate, 10th April,  we want to
    concentrate on Upgrade Testing.

    While these tests can be done in vm - they are likely to be 'clean'

    It would be better if we can get real life upgrades tested.

    There are 2 upgrade routes we need to test

    *12.04LTS to 14.04*
    ***13.10 to 14.04*

    Testcases for both 64bit routes can be found at

    Testcases for both 32bit routes can be found at

    So, if you have a working version that you can upgrade, then please
    do so and - *importantly* - record the results on the tracker.

    At this stage the image is pretty much as stable as it is going to
    be, the only changes we can foresee are bug fixes.

    That said there are bugs present that 'could' cause issues, others
    that are cosmetic.

    *Possible Bugs *

    Known issues are noted on the blog and release note pages.



    *Things to be aware of.*

    Change to light-locker from xscreensaver, xscreensaver will remain
    installed but light-locker will be the preferred locker.



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