Manual Testcases

Elfy ub.untu at
Wed Sep 11 19:51:11 UTC 2013

Last time for a mail with that title this cycle (hopefully no reason to 
do so in the near future either)

What I'd like to ask now is if someone has the time to write one last 
testcase - I'm not in a position to buy the hardware just to write a 
testcase :)

We'd like to get the test for the Printer setup sorted in time to get 
some testing done prior to Beta 2.

The bug for the testcase is here

The team would like to sincerely thank all of you who have put in hours 
of your time to help us get this cracked.

We appear to be the flavour that's done the most work in getting this 
put to bed. The effort has been well worth it - we have our test up and 
running on the packages tracker - that's looking good to - we've got a 
good number of the tests we were hoping to get done prior to B2 done.


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