indicator-ng/gtk3 testing status

Alistair Buxton a.j.buxton at
Sat Sep 7 18:52:32 UTC 2013

Here is the current status on the gtk3 indicator-plugin testing. In general
it works well. I have not seen any crashes or serious problems with the
plugin itself. All the remaining problems seem to be related to the
indicators themselves - most of them also affect Unity (tested with daily
image just now):

Wonky vertical alignment:
    All problems relating to this are now fixed upstream.

indicator-sound mouse wheel:
    There might be a problem with this, but I cannot test because it is
broken in Unity too.
    Reported here:

indicator-datetime config panel:
    You can't access it unless you are running Unity. This affects
gnome-classic too.
    Reported here:

blueman-applet has no menu
    This isn't specific to any DE. Test case affects Unity too.
    Reported here:

pidgin incoming messages not shown in message indicator:
    Affects everything including Unity.
    Possibly related to above bug which prevents indicator menus from being

    This started working for me today. Not sure why/how but it's still
working after a reboot.

Alistair Buxton
a.j.buxton at
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