Update of the minimum requierements

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Thu Nov 28 21:32:38 UTC 2013


On torstai 28 marraskuu 2013, Inti Alonso wrote:
> This is an old computer that I had rotting in a corner, so using it to
> help testing and improving Xubuntu is a pleasure. I must thank to all
> the team behind this great system.
> Reducing the amount of RAM that the graphics takes is possible. I will
> update my test this weekend. Gonna reduce the shared ram and will try
> booting the live cd with the "only ubiquity" option, which I guess,
> should require a less memory than the full live session.
> In the meanwhile, I have tested in virtual box with 256mb of ram, 1 core
> processor and booted the Ubiquity session without problems. The system
> installs and boots ok, just a little slow.
> This different results between testing with a real machine vs a virtual
> one, has lead me to believe that Virtualbox should not be an accurate
> reference in the hardware requirements of the system. Running Virtualbox
> in a host with DDR3 memory, and a i7 processor; even reducing the
> resources of the virtual machine, will be much faster than a real system
> with DIMM memory and 1 core processor at 1.6 with a 133 bus.

On the emulated machine the swap is probably in the host machine's RAM,
so one doesn't really see the effects of paging & swapping.  If install
testing can be done without install using a swap partition it might be
a bit closer.

Next the difference between real CD and image on HDD being emulated as CD
can also be speedwise huge.

	- Eero

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