Fwd: [xubuntu-users] Replacing LightDM with XDM

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 00:02:17 UTC 2013

"I need to strip all ability to change *anything* on the machines
(network settings, session settings, decorations,
logout/reboot/shutdown, etc.) out of the login screen."

Let me attempt to interpret this request.  You still need root to be
able to administrate the machine.  But, all other users must be removed
from the privileged groups (adm and sudo).  There is no need to make
fundamental changes to your machines such as removing LightDM.

As the root,
1. Make sure that the /etc/sudoers file is as it was installed i.e.
there are no ordinary users mentioned in it.
2. Remove all ordinary users from /etc/group adm and sudo groups.

That should do it.



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