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Jackson Doak noskcaj at
Mon May 27 20:43:21 UTC 2013

The Xubuntu website (and all of Ubuntu) currently only uses .torrent files
for it's torrent downloads, this is an obsolete format, and nearly all
other torrent sites (both legal only and sites that don't care) use magnet
links, either solely or as well as .torrent files.

How they work:
file: link to "trackers", then downloads from a list from the trackers.
link: uses lots of confusing algorithms to ignore the need for trackers, so
no "middle man" and nothing to host, no download as well. has more info.
both methods get similar amounts of peers

Magnet links are easier to use than .torrent files and it is very likely
that if someone both has a torrent client and knows what xubuntu is, the
know about using magnet links.
The link may even be less confusing, because you don't download a file that
some people may think is xubuntu.
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