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Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Mon May 27 20:49:05 UTC 2013

I agree, we should have magnet links alongside standard .torrent files,
just for sanity sake.

2013/5/27 Jackson Doak <noskcaj at>

> The Xubuntu website (and all of Ubuntu) currently only uses .torrent files
> for it's torrent downloads, this is an obsolete format, and nearly all
> other torrent sites (both legal only and sites that don't care) use magnet
> links, either solely or as well as .torrent files.
> How they work:
> file: link to "trackers", then downloads from a list from the trackers.
> link: uses lots of confusing algorithms to ignore the need for trackers,
> so no "middle man" and nothing to host, no download as well.
> has more info.
> both methods get similar amounts of peers
> Magnet links are easier to use than .torrent files and it is very likely
> that if someone both has a torrent client and knows what xubuntu is, the
> know about using magnet links.
> The link may even be less confusing, because you don't download a file
> that some people may think is xubuntu.
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