Splitting Up The vUDS-1305 Blueprint

Stephen Michael Kellat skellat at fastmail.net
Fri May 3 00:54:02 UTC 2013

Hello everybody!

Since a blueprint is only allocated 60 minutes at the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit, I went ahead and split the one blueprint up into three separate ones.

Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Development & Milestone Participation 

Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Software 

Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Forward-Looking Issues

Please also bear in mind that with the new cadence for the summits, we should be having another meeting around the time of Alpha 3 being released.  Depending upon timing, Feature Freeze is set for August 22nd so sneaking anything in at that time is **not** advised.  Now is the time to speak up about features while the mid-way meeting will be for analysis and course-correction.

I selected the "Client" track so we need either Jason Warner or Sebastien Bacher to sign off on the blueprints to get them placed on the schedule.  If we get bumped over to "Community", the folks who can sign off include: Daniel Holbach, Nick Skaggs, and Jono Bacon.  We were on the Community track last time so getting bumped over is possible.

Stephen Michael Kellat

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