Made a distro without games.

Eero Tamminen oak at
Wed Mar 27 14:52:41 UTC 2013


On keskiviikko 27 maaliskuu 2013, Abderraouf Adjal wrote:
> Made a distro without games.
> I do not think that the user will be impressed for an arcade game by
> default or mines game...

Do they need to be impressive?  To me impressive sounds something that
doesn't fit to default installation due to large amount of "impressive"
graphics (textures), music etc.

I think the purpose of default install games in a generic desktop distro
is to offer something diverting to fill idle moment(s), rather than to

And the way how distribution in general should impress users is how well
works and how well it's integrated together, both functionally and visually
(many "impressive" games have their own visual style).

Are there competing operating systems or major distros that don't
offer any games (in their default install)?

> Now all the people speak English.

According to Wikipedia, English isn't official language even in US:

While I would assume that almost everybody in US understands English,
that definitely isn't true for the whole world.

> And translations are available for most programs.

You're obviously an optimist.  :-)

For example translation level for Finnish (my native language) in Raring
seems to be ~53%:

While most of the untranslated things seem to be command line programs
or libraries i.e. most likely not relevant for people who don't know
that much about computers, there are also several documentation packages.

	- Eero

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