Wow, Introduction, and Wine

Scott Moore scottbomb at
Tue Mar 26 03:06:44 UTC 2013

Agreed.  Except for the greeter color scheme, 13.04 is looking great. It 
looks like they have finally gotten Thunar to work correctly with browsing 
network shares. Previously, it was hit-and-miss, even with gvfs-backends 
installed. It works so well in fact that I have finally dumped Nautilus. And 
besides, I didn't care for the new look of Nautilus anyway. I'm also using 
the xfce 4.12 beta and it also, finally, supports dual-monitor setups quite 
nicely whereas before I had to rely on my own hacked-together arandr script 
that didn't quite work as well as I had wanted it. All in all, I'm liking 
Xubuntu even better with every new release.

- Scott Moore 

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