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Thu Jul 11 21:32:57 UTC 2013

On 12/07/13 00:08, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> Hi,
> While I was trying to find out about the changes in Saucy Build and 
> what is new about it, I noticed something:
> 1-
> The header says "Raring" instead of "Saucy" and I have no idea to be 
> honest how to change that.
> *Raring Ringtail*
> Roadmap <>
> Meetings <>
> Team Reports <>


> 2- Click here to see the current status of development. 
> <>
> Gives me:
>   Not Found
> The requested URL /ubuntu-raring/group/topic-saucy-flavor-xubuntu.html 
> was not found on this server.

That's because the Xubuntu Saucy blueprints haven't been linked to yet. That's a known issue and I'm on it.

> 3- Is this the best page to follow up with recent updates about Saucy?
> If NO, then where is the best page for that so I can subscribe to?

There is no single page doing that. In addition to the meeting minutes 
[1], you should follow the developer mailing list as well as the 
development IRC channel.

In a project even in this scale some things are always more or less 
buried deep down in day-to-day discussions. This doesn't mean they are 
deliberately hidden, they just aren't things that are worth an email to 
a list or a mention in the meeting.

> 4- Maybe a bit off-topic but will Xubuntu go for MIR? or stick to X 
> like Lubuntu?

No decision is made. If you read the meeting minutes and log from todays 
meeting [2] (will be updated to the wiki today), you can see the whole 
discussion as well as the decision to wait until August 22 to make the 
final decision on Mir for Xubuntu 13.10.

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