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While I was trying to find out about the changes in Saucy Build and what is
new about it, I noticed something:

The header says "Raring" instead of "Saucy" and I have no idea to be honest
how to change that.

*Raring Ringtail*
Roadmap <>
Meetings <>
Team Reports <>

2- Click here to see the current status of
Gives me:
Not Found

The requested URL /ubuntu-raring/group/topic-saucy-flavor-xubuntu.html was
not found on this server.
3- Is this the best page to follow up with recent updates about Saucy?

If NO, then where is the best page for that so I can subscribe to?

4- Maybe a bit off-topic but will Xubuntu go for MIR? or stick to X like


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