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Leon diniz da costa leondc1 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 16 13:39:57 UTC 2013

Hi, first off all, as always, thanks for developing Xubuntu, for me, the only OS that i imagine in my machines.
After this words, I wanna ask a few things to be add in Xubuntu ISO.

 its not my default player but it handle with everything, open almost 
all formats of video and music and even some ISOs, and work just well 
and has no big issues. I NEVER use Parole

Synaptic: for me i 
can't use Xubuntu without this(or other distro), this help me goes a lot
 of problems and install things and even cleaning the system by removing
 old things that i don't want.

Synapse: It helps me a lot with the speed to find and launch the applications. -Very small.

 Xubuntu has no download manager by default, and uget is to small and 
helps when is possible, could be even Jdownloader or flareget, but Uget 
is so lightweight -Very small.

Bleachbit: we need something to get the things clean and he even has support for XFCE in his extra packs.-Very small.

 have more codecs installed by default, for more videos and other 
formats, and more kind of formats showing thumbnails. Tumbler start to 
grow very solid but still not there and it is something that i want see.

I'm just really glad about the team and others user reading this.
Thanks for the opportunity to express what i desire for the OS that i use in every d 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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