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Ivan Ivanov inivanoff1 at
Tue Dec 31 20:06:24 UTC 2013

Hello, Xubuntu team members!

I am Ivan Ivanov from Bulgaria – an active contributor, member and administrator of the Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation team.

I just wanted to say that Xubuntu is one of the greatest distributions I have ever used. I am in the Ubuntu GNOME project, because I have some friends there, but I really want only to thank you that there is a such stable and good-looking operating system. For now I work on the Wiki and Documentation of Ubuntu GNOME, but it will be pleasure for me one day to contribute to the Xubuntu project.

As a technical writer, I want to congratulate you for the Xubuntu Documentation site on 

It is done with professionalism, it is good-looking, it covers large sections with information, help, tutorials and howtos for users, who start using Xubuntu and XFCE. Everything is done with simplicity and it is easy to understand. Very good job! Our team is young and we have to learn from you.

You all are doing great work and I hope you will find many new contributors, testers, etc. in order to relese more and more future Xubuntu versions.

Happy new year!
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