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Stephen Michael Kellat skellat at fastmail.net
Tue Dec 31 17:36:14 UTC 2013

Could somebody please poke the necessary folks to get the promoted from -proposed to saucy-updates so we can please end this caper?  I'm in the basement cafeteria at work so I don't have kosher IRC access until I get home in six hours or so.  This fix is past the minimum time to marinate without going kaboom.

Stephen Michael Kellat

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> From: openfred <1208204 at bugs.launchpad.net>
> Date: December 31, 2013, 3:36:47 AM EST
> To: skellat at fastmail.net
> Subject: [Bug 1208204] Re: [SRU]Update indicator-sound-gtk2 with patch
> Reply-To: Bug 1208204 <1208204 at bugs.launchpad.net>
> Tested today on a new installation. Indicator now works great.
> Unmute is working using menu, using keyboard specific keys (Thinkpad T500), using pavucontrol.
> Regular users (not using proposed-updates) may use it now.
> Never too late for a Xmas present :-)
> Thx for the fix
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> Title:
>  [SRU]Update indicator-sound-gtk2 with patch
> Status in Sound Menu:
>  New
> Status in Ubuntu Studio:
>  New
> Status in “indicator-sound-gtk2” package in Ubuntu:
>  Fix Released
> Status in “indicator-sound-gtk2” source package in Saucy:
>  Fix Committed
> Bug description:
>  [Impact]
>   * The indicator menu for sound not displaying is a major user
>  interface failure.
>   * The justification for making this upload is that the number of
>  workarounds proposed are actually damaging to system integrity as well
>  as allowing for shifts between desktop environment.
>   * This patch resolves a conflict that will allow the menu to display.
>  [Test Case]
>   * Install stock Xubuntu 13.10.  The indicator menu for sound should
>  fail to display when clicking on the sound icon.
>  [Regression Potential]
>   * There is a risk of further conflict between the gtk2 and gtk3 sound indicators. In previous releases the two versions were almost identical but this changed in Saucy (this is also the reason -gtk2 broke). In particular, there is a potential for the two indicators to use gsettings configuration keys in different ways which may lead to problems. Testing should be done on systems with both Unity and Xubuntu installed.
>   * While Xubuntu is working on landing gtk3 indicators for 14.04 the landing of such for 13.10 now would be a massive change requiring approval by potentially the Technical Board.
>  [Other Info]
>   * In general Xubuntu users have been distressed over not having the indicator sound menu available which makes this an issue we would like to resolve expeditiously.
>   * Xubuntu will need to adjust its website documentation slightly to
>  note that users must select "Download updates while installing" during
>  an installation from the LiveCD to ensure this fix is picked up to
>  avoid a broken interface experience.
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> https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sound/+bug/1208204/+subscriptions
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