Alpha1 Image available

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at
Wed Dec 18 15:44:59 UTC 2013

So, what have we been testing before "the first alpha"?  (-:
Seriously, it is quite stable and fast.  Can't break anything - boring.

BTW, Simon helped me diagnose the /indicator-sound anomaly/. The issue 
was that it was not enabled out of the box  Why?  I have no idea.  It 
was always enabled by default in previous releases so it did not occur 
to me that the solution would be so straight-forward.

Should the indicator-sound be enabled upon installation?  If so, I'll 
try to reproduce with a fresh image.


On 12/16/2013 01:55 AM, Elfy wrote:
> The first alpha candidate is ready for testing.
> Images can be found at 
> As before only results actually reported to the tracker count.
> Elfy

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