Converting a Windows 7 user to Xubuntu 13.10 & Miscellaneous Observations about Xubuntu 13.10

Peter Flynn peter at
Sun Dec 15 22:47:20 UTC 2013

On 12/15/2013 05:46 AM, Richard Elkins wrote:
> Thanks, Peter.
> You converted Visio 10 files to SVG and import them to Inkscape? 

I don't know the version; but if Visio has an SVG export, Inkscape has
an SVG import...

> I have never seen `wine` successfully handle Photoshop in the past.
> You did? Also, Photoshop all by itself is a HUGE resource hog and
> sever slowpoke so adding the wine emulation layer is going to make it
> even worse.

The current commercial (CodeWeavers) Wine claims to do Photoshop, I
think. Better check their web site.

> My big Outlook issue was not Outlook Express.  It was the full Office
> Outlook fat client with zillions of calendar entries, about 5 years of
> mail, and about 500 notes. 

If it was connected to Exchange, then the Exquilla extension to
Thunderbird will do most of that.

> Stealing software is, unfortunately, too easy ---> various Bittorrent
> sites to download ISOs and product key generators. 

But most "family and friends" installs would be for people who can
barely press the Enter key. They wouldn't be at the level of knowing how
to burn an ISO, let alone handle torrents.


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