[xubuntu-users] network information (Norman: Ethernet cables aging?)

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 16:30:59 UTC 2013


The original problem statement states that you are observing 1Mb/s and 
52Mb/s.  This might not be simply in one of your ethernet cables.  
Please keep in mind that the transfer rate is a series of connections is 
always = the transmission rate of the slowest component in the series.  
I agree that http://speedtest.net is a useful tool.  Make sure that your 
speedtest server point is close geographically to your home/office to 
eliminate as many network hops as possible.

Two tests I would run and get data on:
Test 1: Browser / PC === Router === Cable/DSL-Modem $$$ Internet
Test 2: Browser / PC --- Router === Cable/DSL-Modem $$$ Internet
         where === is Ethernet and --- is Wifi-n.

Note: The type of Ethernet cable makes a difference.

Cat5 is older (I'm using it in a pinch, my backup cables).  They support 
10-100Mbps.  This might be what you are experiencing.  I'm not there so 
I cannot see what you see!  (-:  Do you have a pal with Cat5e or Cat6?  
A spare at work that you can borrow for testing?

Nowadays, I use mostly Cat6 (up to 10Gbps) and Cat5e (up to 1Gbps). Of 
course, my speed is also limited by my slowest link which happens to be 
coaxial cable (in my attic) and 2 MoCa adapters (Ethernet to "MoCa" to 

Best wishes,

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