Disabling and re-enabling Mir; Opinion: Release Mir with 13.10

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 19:22:23 UTC 2013

One person (forgot who) was running with Mir for a bit and was unhappy 
with the experience.  This person did not want to go through the bother 
of reinstalling their PC with something else + catchup + customizations 
as they wanted to keep on trying the preview of Xubuntu 13.10.  Maybe 
someone else feels the same?

So, based on the collective conversation we had on 2013-08-15, this will 
let you disable or re-enable Mir:

1) Open a terminal window.
2) sudo /your-favorite-text-editor/ 
3) On the line which reads, type=unity, insert an '#' in column 1, 
making the line a comment.
4) Save and exit.
5) sudo reboot

Enabling is almost the same set of steps (put the '#' back in step 3).


Consider this:  It would still be useful to release Mir with 13.10, even 
if it is turned off (commented out) by default.  Then, adventurous folks 
could turn it on (enable Mir) and take it out for a spin.


Smile and don't forget to have fun this weekend!

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