XMir on Xubuntu "Live" Test with Intel GMA 3650 graphics ("Cedar View")

The Elkins Family richard.elkins at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 19:10:59 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Just down-loaded the ISO (08/08/13 Version: 0.0.8r945) from 
http://vanir.unit193.tk/mir/. I used it to boot a live session on my rig 
described below.  I hope that Intel "Cedar View" (GMA 3650) is not too 
odd a case for testing Mir at this time.  I appreciate that our 
collective time is running rather short.


(1) While the compositor did try to come up, it gave up and returned an 
exit code of 1 according to the lightdm.log.  The 
unity-system-compositor.log contained this:

    Throw in function void
    Dynamic exception type:
    std::exception::what: Failed to create GBM device

(2) Lightdm handled the exit code by starting an X session.

Attached: live.zip with (guessing) salient logs from /var/log & 
/var/log/lightdm, detailed specifications on this motherboard, and a `ps 
ax` stdout log.

Anything else of interest?
Need me to repeat anything?


Motherboard: Intel D2550MUD2 (for better and worse!)
* Mini-ITX
* Dual-core Intel Atom D2550 CPU
* Intel NM10 Express chipset
* Intel GMA 3650 graphics ("Cedar View")



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