Xubuntu Xmir testing

Tanmay Gandhi tanmay.01 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 02:54:25 UTC 2013

I have been using xubuntu since 12.04. And i want to continue with it.
I booted up and installed the iso.

At first there was screen tearing on login. Here's the screenshot

Then i got the pop up for xmir, there screen tearing still persisted. I
pressed some random keys after a minute and the screen became normal.

After that i used some programs for a while, i noticed the sync between the
keyboard and touchpad being lost i.e. keypress would do  nothing and also
could not move the mice.

While shutting down the laptop the screen flickered a lot while shutting
down the services. Then it stopped and it showed the xubuntu logo and shut

And just a quick question, memory usage is always high with xubuntu ? (Xfce
mint is 213mb, xubuntu 13.04 is 290mb and debian xfce testing is 170mb)
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