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Sorry I could not respond earlier. Thank you very much for your time and
I fully understand your point of view. I think I have the answers I
expected, I just want to write something about the logo.

Although not observe any relationship, when you think about Xubuntu, you
think of Xfce. As Kubuntu logo itself is related to KDE, I think the
logo of Xubuntu if you have to be related to Xfce. But then, as I said
before, I'm not a designer, and you should understand better than me all

Thanks again for your reply. :)

El sáb, 24 mar, 2012, a las 08:55 , Pasi Lallinaho escribió:
> Hey Ernesto!
> On 03/24/2012 08:22 PM, Ernesto Acosta wrote:
> > Hi everybody:
> >
> > # About Artwork
> >
> > I am writing to offer some suggestions and ideas for Xubuntu 12.04.
> >
> > First of all, I think the Xubuntu Artwork is very separate from the
> > original design of Ubuntu. I think it would be a good idea, that include
> > Xubuntu also Ambiance & Radiance by default. It would also be positive
> > default Xfwm buttons were left default, as in OS X and Unity.
> >
> > Thus, a user wishing to leave Unity and want to try Xubuntu, you'll find
> > a similar interface. I do not know what the idea of ​​the design team
> > Xubuntu, but it would be good to rate the possibility of a similar
> > appearance to that of Ubuntu. Just a suggestion. In fact, the job of
> > carrying Ambiance & Radiance is already done for Xfce.
> >
> > http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ambiance+% 26 + Radiance + Themes
> > + for + Xfce% 26LXDE? content = 146674
> I personally think variety is good. I think it's an important and wise
> move from Canonical to let derivatives define their own individual
> appearance and more generally speaking, let them define their own image.
> I don't know if the Xfce-versions of Ambiance and Radiance are in the
> repositories already. If they aren't, I'm not against including them
> there. However, that's where I would leave it; we cut down the amount of
> themes to be installed to the default Xubuntu installation, and I see no
> reason to treat the Ambiance and Radiance themes differently.
> Ultimately, the user can select what to install and remove anyway.
> > # About logo
> >
> > Another topic I wanted to talk, is about the new logo for Xubuntu. I'm
> > no designer, but when I look I do not really show anything related to
> > Xfce. The previous logo gave us more or less a better idea. I made a
> > proposal, which leave them below.
> >
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Proposed/Precise_Xubuntu_Logo
> I don't think why the new logo should have a strong association with
> Xfce. Xubuntu is not in any kind of offical association with Xfce and
> thus it is not obliged to use any Xfce logo element in its logo. Having
> some kind of reference is good, and;
> 1) there still is some reference to the Xfce mouse, though a more
> abstract element; the change being a logical step towards less
> complexity, if you look at the previous logo change too; but
> 2) generally, from my point of view, the Xfce mouse is becoming less
> mainstream; it's not even used in the Xfce website frontpage [1] anymore
> > # About Applications
> >
> > There are some applications which I think can be replaced with more
> > light and thus do not depend on Gnome.
> >
> > Gcalctool can be replaced with Galculator
> > Evince can be replaced with ePDFView
> > Ristretto has greatly improved but may be replaced by Mirage.
> Is there some performance comparisons for these applications?
> The fact is that it is more work to replace than keep an application, so
> there needs to be good rationale to change an application. That being
> said, it is not completely unlikely that an application will be replaced
> by another application, as long as there is somebody to write
> comparisons, test the applications, willing to report bugs and follow-up
> on getting them fixed and eventually, taking all this into account when
> rationalizing the application change to the team.
> > # About Issues
> >
> > Problems encountered in Beta 1:
> >
> > I guess for being a Beta, all problems will comment below normal. I
> > should also clarify that he had the option to upgrade approximately 300
> > Mb of packages, updating that maybe some of them managed, but my
> > connection would not let me check.
> >
> > Something I did not like is that I went out anywhere the network icon,
> > and you have to configure the menu "Preferences. The icons and desktop
> > items are not updated automatically when added or deleted, so we must
> > update them manually with F5. The menu does not have the option to run,
> > and the application that is responsible for this action, sometimes left
> > by pressing [Alt] + [F2] or delayed more than 10 seconds to run.
> >
> > Changing the keyboard layout, I had to close several applications for
> > changes to take effect. The context menu includes an entry for Search in
> > the folder in which we are but just does not work that option. Trying to
> > remove drivers from NVidia (and I use Intel) these drag Xubuntu Desktop.
> Can you file bugs for these issues? Thanks.
> > Xubuntu also includes too many language packs, you do not understand if
> > you end the LiveCD runs in English. Sure, I guess when you are
> > installing, and using another language, English and Spanish are not the
> > only ones on our planet, but I think there should be an option for you,
> > after installing, removal of unnecessary language as our preferences
> The idea behind this is to provide desktops in preferred languages even
> for those, who do not have access to internet. As far as I know, no
> language packs should be left installed unless you selected them. (Can
> somebody confirm this? Lionel?) If this is not true, can you file a bug
> for this issue too? Thanks again.
> > # End
> > Let me clarify two things:
> >
> > 1 - All these suggestions are based on my personal taste.
> > 2 - My English is not very good, so I had to use a translator.
> >
> > Best regards.
> Thanks once again, the feedback is much appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Pasi
> [1] http://xfce.org/
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