Call For Testing: Lucid and Maverick Firefox users (or willing to install Lucid or Maverick in a VM)

Micah Gersten micahg at
Thu Jan 12 14:03:20 UTC 2012

We need Lucid and Maverick users to test our latest Firefox Upgrade!

The upstream Mozilla Firefox web browser has moved to a rapid release
cycle. New Firefox versions are being released every six weeks and
contain new features and security enhancements. Until now, Ubuntu 10.04
LTS and Ubuntu 10.10 have been getting 3.6 point releases of Firefox. As
such, users have not been benefiting from new features, support for new
web technologies, security enhancements, and performance improvements.
Firefox 3.6 will be reaching its end of life soon, so we need to migrate
users to the rapid release so that they will continue to receive
security updates in a timely fashion. See [1] for more information.

Before releasing these updates to the public, we need testing of the
following packages:

  * firefox
  * xul-ext-webfav
  * xul-ext-mozvoikko
  * gecko-mediaplayer
  * moonlight-plugin-core

These updates are currently in lucid-proposed and maverick-proposed. 
Please keep in mind, that lucid-proposed or maverick-proposed might get
you a lot of other extra packages as well.

We need people running Lucid or Maverick in bare metal or a virtual
machine. If you are willing to help, here's what you can do:

First, enable the Lucid or Maverick proposed repository [2]. Then, you
can either run update-manager or 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get

If you find a bug in these packages, please file a new bug with the
issue and if it's a regression, please comment in bug 904594 [3].

Feel free to subscribe to bug 904594 [3] to follow the progress, but be
forewarned that you will probably get a lot of E-Mail from it.

Please note, packages need to be tested to migrate to lucid-updates or

There is a short functional test plan after the links.  These are for
people that would like to do one time testing rather than just running
the proposed packages for their normal workflow.

Thanks to everyone in advance,




Test Plan (for functional testing):

 1. Create a new profile (firefox -P) (optional except for certificate test)
 2. test save an image, does dialog appear et al?
 3. test bookmarks: can you drag/drop bookmarks (in manager and in UI -
e.g. from toolbar to menu et al)?
 4. test password manager:
      * are passwords properly pre-filled when previously remembered?
      * are credentials of new sites properly remembered as well (test
in same browser session and with browser restarted)
 5. test plugins (flash, java)
 6. test javascript: use AJAX sites like: new,, et al.
 7. test https site (
 8. test certificate support:
      * ensure that gives you a
certificate warning (e.g. by removing previously imported certificate
from trust db in Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates)
      * open ... are you asked to
import? if so do import and select "Trust this CA to identify websites"
      * after that visiting should
not give you a warning anymore
 9. test gnome support:
      * Use Image as Background
      * Change Preferred Application (Mail-- in Gnome, set in
System/Preferences/Preferred Applications)

Micah Gersten
Ubuntu Security Team

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