The reasons why Leafpad is fine

James Freer at
Mon Dec 31 10:37:06 UTC 2012

On Sun, 30 Dec 2012, PK wrote:

> Please don't replace Leafpad! It's absolutely perfect for editing
> systemwide configuration files.
> Gedit has become clearly unfit for that: in the current versions, it
> opens a useless blank file as well, when you open such a config file
> as root. Arrogant reaction from a Gnome developer when confronted with
> criticism about this: "Won't revert this change. Gedit isn't supposed
> to be used as root."
> So please: let's keep Leafpad as default for Xubuntu!
> Regards, Pjotr.

When i posted before suggesting Scribes as an editor i was only contributing 
'food for thought'. I like Leafpad as it is so small (bug free i think... 
never heard of any problems after all it's so small it virtually has to be 
problem free!). I use leafpad as mini editor, doing the odd extra alias in 
bashrc etc, and also for just quickly opening txt files when in Thunar - for 
which it is excellent.

I mentioned Scribes as it is gtk and if Leafpad was to be replaced that is the 
only gui lightweight editor i know off to follow "in leafpad's shoes". gedit i 
have to say i find slow to use as a lightweight editor. I use pico in Alpine 
and learning emacs (as it has wordstar key binding which still the most 
efficient) for more serious editing. But my editing is for words not code and 
vim and emacs are the only console editors capable of 'softwrap'.


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