The reasons why Leafpad is fine

Darshak Parikh (via K-9 Mail) wizard.darshak at
Sun Dec 30 20:07:39 UTC 2012

Hi Patrick,

Forgive me if my language was slightly ambiguous, but I didn't mean to say that Gedit is only for programmers, but just that Leafpad just gets the work done.

And talking about obeying the theme, well yes, both fit in very well. Though Gedit can be made to look more pleasing to the user's eye, Leafpad isn't bad with its default appearance.

And at the performance side, it might not be as great a difference as Abiword vs LibO, but there indeed is a difference on the kind of machines you're talking about: "more recent, not even relatively new."

Your points are very sensible indeed, so it remains to be chosen: more functionality or a little performance plus.


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